Warwick University is looking for business mentors to support research commercialisation

Warwick Ventures is setting up a pilot scheme to support University research teams with an idea for a business with structured business coaching and mentoring from a professional with experience working with start-ups and early stage businesses

This pilot will help us structure a program of support and better understand how a cohort of mentors might mix and work together as well as understand the range of experience and skills we should be attracting. The vision is that we will develop the program based on the outcomes and feedback of the pilot, and potentially expand it to include additional universities.  Mentors will be paid a day rate and travel expenses.

For the pilot phase we are looking to engage with mentors/coaches to:

  • Be available for 2-3 days/month for in person meetings / training sessions
  • Be available via phone or skype 1-2hrs/week for project reviews
  • Coach the team on developing a potential business plan
  • Mentor them through training and key decision points as they develop their ideas
  • Introduce the teams to necessary business skills and expertise

For more information : BuMP – Overview of Pilot for Business Mentors

If you are interested and want more details, please email:


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