Customer Surveys

email-marketing-doodleCustomer surveys can be undertaken using a range of formats, via post, telephone interviews, individual interviews or online. We are finding demand for customer surveys is increasing; businesses are investing more time in talking to customers about their needs. This allows the business to cut costs by offering a more focused and relevant product range. Recent projects in this area have included;

  • A large number of surveys with product end users to inform the product development programme. (This includes products in the medical sector where we have worked with consultants, GPs and nurses).
  • A survey for a laboratory product supplier to consult existing customers about their product range.
  • A survey for a trade association to determine the future development of membership services.
  • A survey for a training organisation to determine the content of their course programme.
  • A survey for a university who required information about best practice for the provision of consultancy to industry.
  • A survey to determine the potential for a new bioincubator facility within a specific RDA.
  • A survey of university staff relating to technology transfer activity.

Some of these surveys can be viewed in our client login area. Please phone or email for details